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Rani Krisnamurthi

It’s clean and uncluttered. That’s the way I like it. It’s not like my Javanese root culture; I’m a straightforward person and open minded. I don’t mind people to tell me that I was wrong, but it’s more elegant to say it to me right away.

I have a pretty long name actually, both from my religion attributes and my parent’s Javanese background. I’d rather not to say what it is, but anyway, I believe that names are prayers. Our parents’ prayers and hopes of what we are.

I love to try new things. I’m open for challenges and have a great curiosity. I love to sing, dance, chat, write, and watch movies. I’m a bit perfectionist. It’s a constant battle to achieve perfection but stay under the deadline. But I can’t deny the joy of adrenaline-intensity rush while you are being chased by time limits. Call me an organization freak, but I love to take part in something big and challenge myself every step of the way.

I’m all about calculated risk and planning. Because as Benjamin Franklin said: fail to plan is planning to fail. But you can’t rely on your plan alone. “Do your best, pray hard, and let God do the rest” is my motto, because no plan is greater than His plan.

I love photography, fashion, gadgets, colors (most of all purple, blue, green, and orange), and tidy space. I enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea, nice hot bath, rain, aromatic smell, warm bed, and clean sheets. I have passion for music, traveling abroad, an intelligent conversation, wardrobe,  great films, and spa-cosmetics business.

I fell for romantic sobs story, but I’m not hopeless romantic. I love an adventure, mystery, but just stop at the idea of it. I have a great photographic memory, but I’m easily misplaced where I put my belongings. I’m easily freaked out but not panicking and tend to do something in a hurry.

When I am mad or sad, I always go to the movies, karaoke, or writing. That’s why I call this blog, my peace of mind…

PS. if you want to know my real name:

Regina Monika Pusparani Krisnamurthi

(I didn’t put any royalty attributes because it would make it longer. And I hate to be called Puspa. Just Rani okay?)


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